5000psi API 16D Hose Armoured

5000psi API 16D Hose Armoured

Blowout preventer (BOP), control hoses are made to withstand high pressure, high temperatures, and fire. These hoses can withstand a rated operating pressure of at most 5 minutes at 1300°F (700°C) flame temperature.

BOP hoses come in a variety of sizes and pressure ratings, ranging from 5000psi up to 7,500psi. These hoses feature Brickoat(tm) cover compound, which exceeds API 16D standards for flame resistance and DNV type approval.

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5000psi api 16d hose armoured is a high pressure hose with stainless steel armored & heat insulation for BOP control equipment and other oilfield pipeline. This hose is certified by API 16D and can withstand minimum 1300 degF (+700 degC) flame temperature at working pressure for 5 minutes without failure.

These hoses come in a variety of sizes and can be used at different pressures and lengths. They can also be customized according to clients' requirements.

The hose is made from stainless steel which is durable and resistant to corrosion. It can also withstand the ultraviolet rays from the sun, which means that it is unlikely to get damaged by them.

This hose is also kink-proof and tangle-proof, which means that it won't dangle when you drag it around rough terrain or through sharp corners. This is great news for those who enjoy doing chores around the house without worrying about getting hung over.

There are many hoses you can purchase online, but we recommend the Continental garden hose. This hose is heavy-duty and should last for years, with little to no maintenance needed. It's also resistant to rust, which is important when it comes to keeping your lawn looking fresh and green.

api 16d BOP hose armoured application

BOP hoses can make a difference in drilling rig life and death. Designed to withstand the harshest oil field conditions, these hydraulic lines ensure that your rig's primary well control systems can operate when the worst happens.

These hoses are manufactured to API 16D standards and can be used to maintain their rated pressure at a flame temperature of 700°C (1300°F) for at least five minutes. This ensures that the BOP system is fully functional. Other features include multiple layers of textile fabric and steel cable, with one layer middle rubber placed between the cable layers.

5000psi api 16d hose armoured

China's leading high pressure hose manufacturer, PME Industrial, provides a range of BOP hoses suited to all your needs. This high-performance hose is available in lengths up to 60 feet and a variety of hose sizes, including 3/8" to 2", making it the ideal choice for any application.

PME Industrial is one of the many hose suppliers and manufacturers. It stands out because of its superior quality and outstanding features. We can provide solutions for all your needs, from heat insulation and fire resistance to the most effective hoses. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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5000psi api 16d hose armoured are designed for BOP control equipment on drilling rigs, offering a range of advantages over standard hoses. These hoses are manufactured to the demanding API 16D specification and are compliant with fire resistance up to 5 minutes at 700 deg C (1700 deg F).

PME Industrial has been producing high pressure hydraulic hoses for oil & gas industry since 1998. Our hoses are available in various sizes and length as per client requirements.

We are China's largest hose manufacturer and can offer our customers high-quality, affordable hoses. We have a strong production capacity to satisfy large demand. All hoses are manufactured in strict compliance to JIS and API standards. Every hose is subject to a 100% inspection before it is shipped to ensure its quality.

Our hoses are available in various materials and cover compounds to suit any application. They are DNV type approved and certified to API 16D. They are covered with a Brickoat covering compound that provides excellent flame, heat, and abrasion resistance. Our hoses are also designed to withstand high rated operating pressures of up to 5 minutes at 700 deg C.





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