API 7K oil drilling hose price

 An API 7K oil drilling hose is a flexible cylinder designed to connect a swivel joint and the top oil drilling stand pipe. Its maximum working pressure is 5000psi. However, it can be increased to up 7500psi per API standards. This hose is used to perform downhole operations as well as to correct an installation error between stand pipe and drilling line. You can also get hoses with standard or H2S sour service.

The features and construction of the API 7K oil drilling hose will determine its price. It is available in several types, including steel wire winding, sand-cast, and fire-protection hoses. They can also be ordered with de-coking capabilities or other special features. These hoses are manufactured in the China and are available in different sizes. The flanged ends are designed to be secure and flexible, and will withstand the harshest of conditions.

API 7K oil drilling hose manufactured by letone hydraulic technology is mainly used in Application: flexible connection in the cementing manifold for delivery water-based and oil-based cement slurries at high pressure

Tube: NR&SBRsythentic rubber/HNBR/UPE

Reinforcement: 4 or 6 layers of high tensile super flexible spiral steel wire orsteel cable

Cover:abrasion and weather resistant synthetic rubber

Temperature range: -20°C~+82°C (-4°F~+179.6°F) -55°C~+150°C (-67°F~+302°F)

Standard: API Spec. 7K FSL0 | ABS


Letone provides the best price, the best quality and the best service. In 2016, it has obtained the American ABS classification society certification. API7K, API16C, API16D oil platform hoses have been sold and exported to more than 30 countries.




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