BOP Hose Assembly

In the subsea oil and gas industry, blowout preventer (BOP) systems play a key role in protecting the environment, equipment, and people from potential well failure.

BOP hose is an essential component of a BOP system, providing pressure to seal a well. It can be used in both onshore and offshore drilling operations.

BOP fire-resistant, heat-insulated hose assembly

The fire-resistant and heat-insulated hose assembly for BOP control hose is mainly used for the hydraulic control of the BOP for drilling and for hydraulic transmission at high-temperature and flammable places in the metallurgic industry.

The hose consists of an inner tube made of black oil-resistant nitrile, a red & fire-resistant neoprene covering and multiple plies spirally wrapped high tensile wire wire as insulation layers. The hose is usually fitted with male NPT threaded ends, with flame-resistant sleeves over ferrules and quick connects.

This hose is rated to API 16D and can withstand a minimum 1300degF (+700degC) flame temperature at working pressure for 5 minutes without failure. The hose has been tested to Lloyd's Register requirements and EUB Directive 36.

It is suitable for fire, gas, water, mild chemicals and air. It is non-conductive and MSHA approved. It has push lock terminals.


This hose is designed for handling plaster, grout, and concrete at the critical ex points of a concrete boom truck or high-pressure concrete boom. It can also be used to transfer water from produced water to fresh water, particularly for damaged or broken hydrant lines. The hose is reinforced using high-tenacity polyester yarn, and coated through the weave by a 70% nitrile rubber/30% PVC blend.

Well control special refractory hose price

Refractories protect heat processing equipment from the extreme conditions that industrial processes can create, including fires, explosions and downtime. They also protect workers from dangerous heat and prevent the loss of valuable production when equipment fails or requires repair.

You want a contractor who is knowledgeable and up-to date on the latest products and methods of installing refractories. To minimize downtime, cost, and safety concerns, make sure your contractor is familiar with the best refractory materials for each application.

It is also important to consider how the material will handle when it arrives at your plant. If your refractory is delivered by pumping, gunning or shotcrete method, you can expect to see large volumes of material delivered in a short amount of time (upwards of 5 tons per hour).

Different refractory products also have different bake-out (curing), times, which can impact overall project schedules. If you can't meet the specific bake-out schedule of a particular refractory material, choose a different product or installation method.

In a typical well control job, several ram BOPs are used to prevent a blowout from occurring. These rams are designed to allow fluid to flow through the annulus at pressure, while still maintaining a closed seal.

Supplier of refractory hose for well control

Various types of high pressure and heat-insulated hose assembly are available for BOP hydraulic control. These hose assemblies are manufactured in accordance to API 16D. They can hold full working pressure without failure. These hoses are extremely fire-resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 700°F. They can also operate safely in flammable environments.

Suitable for use in the petrochemical, refining, aerospace, foundry, power generation, and nuclear industries, these refractory insulated products feature high temperature and thermal shock resistance. They are also resistant to abrasion and chemical attack.

A fused refractory section is provided which can be affixed to the end of a delivery tube. This tube is then used in fluid production and filtration operations in hydrocarbonaceous fluid wells to exclude formation fines from the produced fluids.

This section is made of ceramics that are resistant to high temperatures and high pressures. It also has good heat transfer and abrasion resistance. Moreover, it is capable of absorbing any unexpected shocks experienced during enhanced oil recovery operations, such as steam floods.

This supplier supplies a wide range of refractory bricks, precast shapes, insulating, and fire-resistant materials to the aluminum, steel and ceramic manufacturing industries. It also supplies refractory insulation to boilers, furnaces, as well as other process equipment.



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