Rotary drilling hoses are widely used and suitable for all types of drilling operations. In the fields of oil, natural gas, water well drilling and other fields, rotating drilling hoses play an important role. By rotating the drilling hose, efficient and accurate drilling operations can be achieved, improving drilling efficiency and reducing costs.


1. Advantages of rotary drilling hose

The advantage of rotary drilling hose lies in its excellent flexibility and tensile strength, which can adapt to various complex terrain and drilling conditions. Rotary drilling hose has good sealing and pressure resistance, which can ensure the safe transmission of drilling fluid under high pressure while preventing leakage and pollution. In addition, rotary drilling hose also has a long service life and low maintenance costs, and can meet the needs of long-term high-intensity use.

2. Technical parameters of rotary drilling hose

The technical parameters of rotary drilling hose include inner diameter, outer diameter, length, wall thickness, etc. According to different usage requirements and drilling conditions, rotary drilling hoses with different specifications and technical parameters can be selected. When selecting a rotary drilling hose, factors such as its pressure-bearing capacity and tensile strength need to be considered to ensure that it can meet the needs of actual use.

3. Rotary drilling hose matching flange

The matching flange of the rotary drilling hose is an important component connecting the hose and the drilling rig. The size and structure of the matching flange need to match the rotating drilling hose to ensure the firmness and sealing of the connection. During use, attention needs to be paid to the care and maintenance of the supporting flange to avoid corrosion and damage.
There are a few things to note when using a rotary drilling hose. First, the rotary drilling hose needs to be installed and operated correctly according to the instructions to avoid excessive wear and damage. Secondly, the sealing and tensile strength of the rotary drilling hose need to be checked regularly to detect and deal with potential problems in a timely manner. In addition, during use, you need to pay attention to safe operating procedures to avoid accidents and casualties.
In short, rotating drilling hose is one of the indispensable and important components in drilling operations. By understanding the application, advantages, technical parameters, matching flanges, and usage precautions of rotary drilling hoses, you can better play its role and improve the efficiency and quality of drilling operations.








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