EN856-4SH high-pressure steel wire wound hydraulic hose

 EN856-4SH high-pressure steel wire wound hydraulic hose is a hose specially designed for high-pressure hydraulic systems. It is made of one or more layers of steel wire wrapped around a rubber core and vulcanized under high temperature and pressure. This kind of hose has excellent high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and is widely used in various hydraulic equipment, such as excavators, cranes, hydraulic jacks, forklifts, etc.

The main features of EN856-4SH high-pressure hose are as follows:
1. Excellent high pressure resistance, able to withstand pressures up to 700bar, ensuring the stable operation of the hydraulic system.
2. It has strong high temperature resistance and can be used in the temperature range of -40℃ to +100℃, adapting to various environmental conditions.
3. It has good corrosion resistance and good resistance to hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and other oils.
4. Light and easy to use, easy to install and disassemble, suitable for maintenance and maintenance of various hydraulic equipment.
The technical parameters of EN856-4SH high-pressure hose mainly include the following points:
1. Inner diameter: 12mm-19mm
2. Outer diameter: 25mm-50mm
3. Length: 1000mm-3000mm
4. Burst pressure: more than 3 times higher than the working pressure
5. Wear resistance: After special treatment, it can effectively prevent the penetration and erosion of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and other oils.
6. Bending resistance: can be bent at various angles to ensure the operation of hydraulic equipment
7. The normal range of temperature is: -. 40℃ to +100℃
8. Working pressure: up to 700bar
The matching connector for EN856-4SH hose is a quick connector specially designed for this hose. This connector has the following characteristics:
1. Convenient and fast, the hose can be quickly connected and disconnected, which facilitates the maintenance and upkeep of hydraulic equipment.
2. It has good sealing performance and can effectively prevent the leakage of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and other oils.
3. It has strong high pressure resistance and can withstand pressures up to 700bar.
4. Good corrosion resistance and good resistance to various oils.
5. It has a wide range of applications and can be used with various types of EN856-4SH high-pressure hoses.
When using EN856-4SH high-pressure steel wire to wrap hydraulic hoses, you need to pay attention to the following points:
1. When installing a hose, ensure that the bending radius of the hose is not less than the specified minimum value to avoid excessive bending that may cause damage to the hose.
Or 2 oil leakage. During use, the appearance of the hose should be checked regularly for damage, aging, etc. If problems are found, they should be replaced in time.
3. During use, ensure that the pressure of the hydraulic equipment does not exceed the upper limit of the working pressure of the hose.
4. Avoid damage to the soft tube during use. Avoid placing the hose in dangerous environments such as high temperatures and open flames to avoid safety accidents such as fire or explosion.




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