Coal mines use high-pressure hoses


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Commonly used high-pressure hoses

Coal mines use high-pressure hoses in many different applications. From longwall mining equipment and roof support systems to pan lines and monorails, hoses play an important role in all coal mine operations.

Hydraulic punching is an effective method of preventing outburst by reducing the gas content of coal seams and altering the stress state of the seam. The process requires a large amount of equipment and a complex operational procedure.

A specialized mine hose with an anti-static inner layer and a steel wire braid reinforcement can withstand high working pressures. In addition, it can withstand the abrasion and impact of various mining conditions. It can also be used in underground mines with extreme temperatures. Choosing the right mine hoses and matching hose connectors is essential to your project’s success.

Usage precautions

When using high-pressure hydraulics, you need to follow the proper safety precautions. Failure to do so can result in injury or death. This is particularly true when a hose is improperly fitted or used at excessive pressures.

Surface coal mining operations begin by removing the overburden to expose the coal seam. This can be done by blasting or by stripping with a dragline excavator. Regardless of the method, mines require large equipment to perform these operations. These machines utilize closed loop hydrostatic drives and open-loop hydraulic systems.

If a fire is discovered in a mine, all miners must be withdrawn immediately. If the fire cannot be extinguished, the next inby permanent stop into a return air course shall be opened. Moreover, methane concentrations of 1.5 percent or higher in the mine’s return air course must be removed.

Technical parameters

Using a high-velocity jet of water to cut rocks is an effective way to reduce the size of mining holes and improve coal uncovering. However, there are many factors that must be taken into account, including the type of rock and the amount of drilling fluid used.

Macroscopic experiments have shown that the dynamic phenomenon of coal and gas outburst during shaft coal uncovering is a chain dynamic process, which is triggered by ground stress and gas pressure gradients. To prevent this, a series of measures must be taken, such as supporting the exposed coal in time and building reserve rock pillars in advance.

Hydraulic support hoses are an essential part of surface and underground coal mining. They must be designed to meet the specific needs of the mining industry and withstand harsh conditions. The use of incorrect fittings can result in a disastrous breakdown.

Inner diameter

There are a lot of hydraulic hose specs to choose from, but they all boil down to three main types. The first is rubber with metal wires, the second is thermoplastic with textile reinforcement, and the third is Teflon with stainless braid. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The experimental hydro-mining tests of hard coal conducted in the Experimental Mine “Barbara” (coal seam 310, six coal blocks) showed that an increase in water pressure has a limited impact on the structure of a coal face, while high water flow rate is beneficial for mining.

In the Belchatow lignite open pit first successful tests of lignite hydro-cutting were conducted in 1985.12 The tested nozzle diameter, water jet pressure and water flow rate enable lignite cutting with satisfactory effectiveness.

Working pressure

Mining is a global industry that uses a wide variety of mechanical equipment. Many of these machines require compressed air to operate. The air is supplied to these machines through high pressure hoses. It is important to have the right hose for your needs, as using the wrong one can lead to damage or injury.

In coal mines, high-pressure hydraulic hoses are used for support systems and drilling. These hoses are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the mining environment and must be carefully matched with fittings that are certified for use with them. Failure to do so can result in damage, injury or death. The hose assembly must also be visually inspected before use. This includes the hose itself and coupling joins.




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