Wear-resistant rotary drilling hose

 Wear-resistant rotary drilling hose is a kind of rubber hose commonly used in the drilling industry. Its primary purpose is to transport high-pressure fluid from the pump station to the drill bit while allowing the bit to rotate in and out of the wellbore. The following are some parameters, performance and precautions about wear-resistant rotary drilling hose.

1. Inner diameter: Since the inside of the drilling hose needs to transmit high-pressure liquid, the size of the inner diameter is very critical to the use effect of the hose. The inside diameter is usually between 2-6 inches.
2. Working pressure: The wear-resistant rotary drilling hose needs to be able to withstand high pressure requirements, usually the working pressure is between 10000-15000psi.
3. Working temperature: Due to the complexity of the drilling environment, the drilling hose needs to be able to work normally in extreme temperature environments. Typical operating temperature range is -20°C to +121°C.
1. Wear resistance: The oilfield environment is complex and prone to wear and abrasion, so wear resistance is one of the key properties of drilling hoses.
2. Pressure resistance: Drilling fluid needs to withstand high pressure during transportation, so pressure resistance is also one of the important properties of drilling hose.
3. Oil resistance: Drilling fluid contains a lot of oil, so the drilling hose needs to have good oil resistance to ensure the life and safety of the hose.
1. Regularly check the surface of the hose to find problems such as wear and cracks in time to prevent the hose from breaking or leaking.
2. The installation and connection of the hose needs to be done by professionals to avoid problems such as oil leakage and falling off.
3. During the drilling work, the hose should be kept in good condition and avoid being impacted and squeezed by external force to ensure the safety and life of the hose.
In short, the wear-resistant rotary drilling hose is an indispensable and important component in the drilling industry, and its quality and performance are directly related to the safety and efficiency of drilling work. Therefore, when purchasing and using drilling hose, special attention should be paid to its parameters, performance and precautions.





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