Kelly Pipe Drilling Rig Hose

kelly pipe drilling rig hose

Kelly Pipe Drilling Rig Hose

The kelly hose is the mechanical piece that ejects drilling fluid over the drill string. It is also known by the names a rotary or mudhose. If it fails, it can damage the mining rig or prevent it from operating properly. If this happens, it must be replaced or repaired so that mining operations can resume. The kellyhose is an essential piece of a mining rig.

Api7k manufactures drilling hose

API 7K drilling equipment hoses can withstand pressures up to 7500 PSI. The hoses are made of high-strength spiral steel wire reinforcement. These hoses, also known as kellyhoses, are available in two service types: H2S sour and standard.

There are many types and uses for hoses in oilfield and gas exploration, including suction and discharge, pumping, pumping, chemical transfer, and pumping. These hoses are available in metal, rubber, PVC, and composite materials. Some of these hoses can be used in welding or jetting processes.


Rotary drilling mud hose price

Kelly pipe drilling rigs use a rotary drilling mud hose to convey drilling liquid to the rotary swivel. It is made from a special NBR tube with spiral steel cables and an abrasion-resistant covering. This hose can withstand high pressures up to four thousand pounds per square in.

The mud circulation system includes a rotary drilling mud-hose, which removes drilling cuts from the wellbore. This hose connects with a hydraulic top head drive and a water tank. The mud pump sends drilling fluid through the rotary hose to the drill string and drill bit.

The mud is then mixed with chemicals and water to make a liquid. The liquid is then pumped through a wellbore to reach formation. The mud's density varies depending on pressure and temperature. This makes it necessary to monitor and adjust mud density.


The drilling fluid is filtered through a centrifuge and a degasser. These equipments are usually mounted on a drilling rig. The drilling rig consists of a drill string and a derrick. The derrick has a mast and substructure to support the drill pipe. It can hold a total length of 350 feet of drillpipe.

drilling hose specification

The kelly pipe is a large, flexible, high-pressure hose that allows a drill string to be raised or lowered, allowing the bit or drill string to move upwards or downwards. It is crucial to be able to raise or lower the drillstring and pump fluid.

Kelly hoses can withstand pressures up to 5000 psi, making them an indispensable piece of equipment for a drilling rig. Kelly hoses are made of a specially formulated NBR tube that has two layers of spiral steel cable. They are also protected with an ozone-compatible rubber. They are typically supplied with multiple end fittings, and they are built to meet the ISO 14693 and API 7K specifications.



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