SAE 100R12 Hydraulic Hose Assembly

SAE 100R12 Hydraulic Hose Assembly

When you're looking for a hydraulic hose assembly that meets SAE 100R12 standards, you've come to the right place. This section will provide information about the high pressure rubber hose, how it is used, and how it is made. This hose is made of a high-quality synthetic rubber covered by a DURA-TUFF synthetic rubber cover. This synthetic rubber is highly durable and resistant to abrasion and weather. It also has steel wire spiral reinforcement.

SAE 100R12 4 Wire Spiral High Pressure Hydraulic Rubber Hose Features

SAE 100R12 4 Wire S spiral high pressure hydraulic rubber hose is a specialized type of hydraulic hose that is designed for very high pressure hydraulic applications. It has four layers of high-tensile steel wire wrapped in a gray synthetic rubber covering. The hose can be used with hydrocarbon and acetone-based hydraulic fluids.

SAE 100R12 hydraulic hoses have a working pressure of up to 20 MPa. They are reinforced with four to six steel wire spirals that provide excellent abrasion resistance and kick resistance. The hose's long life expectancy is also ensured by the four-wire spirals. This type of hose is compatible with petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, and it is also compatible with vegetable oil.

Application of rubber hose SAE 100R12

Rubber hoses SAE 100R12 are designed to handle a variety fluids, including hydraulic fluids as well as lubricating oils. They are also resistant to abrasion and offer superior pressure and temperature ratings. These hoses can be used with a variety of lubricating oils and fuel oils.

SAE 100R12 hydraulic hoses are suitable for high pressure hydraulic oil and water. They feature high-tensile steel wire reinforcements and oil-resistant synthetic rubber tubes. This hose can handle a range of fluid temperatures, from -40 degrees C to +100 degrees C.

A hydraulic hose's pressure resistance must be greater than its maximum working pressure. This is called the safety factor. In hydraulic applications, the safety factor is 4:1. It is 2.5 in special static applications. The reinforcement material is the "muscle" that helps the hose resist pressure. Typical types include spiral wire, braid, and helical wire. Spiral wire hose has up to four or six layers of overlapping steel wire.

SAE 100R12 rubber hose is available in several sizes and materials. SAE 100R12 rubber hoses can be used to transport petroleum-based hydraulic fluids or water/glycol hydraulic fluids up to 6,000 PSI.


Rubber hose manufacturing according to SAE 100R12.

SAE 100R12 hydraulic hose is made with a steel wire spiral reinforced inner tube, which is compatible with petroleum-based hydraulic fluids and is used in high-pressure working environments. Its three parts are textile yarn, a synthetic rubber cover, and an oil and weather-resistant synthetic steel wire spiral.

The hose is made of synthetic rubber and is widely used for hydraulic systems that use petroleum-based fluids. It can also be used to suction lines in hydraulic systems. You can use a single braided textile or a spiral wire to make the suction and return lines. It is compatible with many hydraulic fluids and is suitable for outdoor use.

The SAE 100R12 hydraulichose has the same structural features as its Type A counterpart. However, the outer cover must be skived during assembly. The Type AT hydraulic hose is made with a reinforced synthetic rubber outer cover, which means that it doesn't require skiving.

The reinforcement is a thin layer made of metal wires and textile. It supports the inner tube and prevents it bending or bulging. It also manages to contain working pressures to the hose's maximum pressure rating.


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