Cementing Manifold High Pressure Mud Hose

Letone Products - Cementing Manifold High Pressure Mud Hose

Gates manufactures a line of high-pressure mud hose for the conveyance of cement slurries. These hoses are often used on drilling rigs for the conveyance of cement slurs under high pressure. This hose is available in large diameters.

Large Diameter API7K High Pressure Mud Hose

Large Diameter API7K Cementing Hose was specifically designed to transport high-pressure fluids such as drilling mud. It comes in various lengths ranging from thirty to eighty feet. It is also available in different sizes, ranging from 2" to 2 1/2". The pipe is made of a two to five-ply steel wire to ensure maximum working pressure and workload. Additionally, it features an antioxidant to extend its working time.

Cementing hoses are found between the cementing head & cementing pump manifold. They are able to withstand super operating pressures of up to 15,000psi. They are supplied with several different end fittings and meet API 7K specifications.


Manufacturer of API7K High Pressure Mud Hose

API7K High Pressure Mud Hose is used in drilling applications to convey mud from the mud pump to the cement manifold. These hoses are made with strong spiral steel wire reinforcement and are designed for high pressure and flexibility. These hoses are also known as kelly hoses and cement hoses. They are sold in lengths and sizes and are usually equipped with API end fittings.

API7K High Pressure Mud Hose is used for conveying cement and other materials at high pressure. It has a hose assembly with a hammer lug union at each end, a male part and a female part at the other end. It is available in a variety of materials and manufactured according to API 7K standards.

API7K High Pressure Mud Hose manufacture provides high-quality cementing and hoses with various fittings. PME Industrial, a leader in rubber hose manufacturing in China and a well-known supplier of oilfield hoses, is a global supplier of rubber hoses. The cementing manifold is a great connection for conveying cement slurries under high pressure.


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