High pressure mud hose application

 The high-pressure mud hose is mainly composed of hoses, outriggers, connectors, joints, etc. The hose is mainly used in oil drilling, geotechnical engineering, water conservancy and hydropower, construction engineering, environmental engineering and other fields. One of the indispensable tools in mining. It mainly plays the role of conveying mud, protecting mud equipment, preventing harmful substances from entering the equipment, and protecting equipment safety.

1. Mud transportation

It uses the pressure generated when the drill bit drives the hose to rotate, squeezes the mud out of the drill pipe, and then leaks out from the casing. The advantage is that it can effectively prevent the mud wall wear accident, and can also effectively prevent the mud leakage accident. At present, auger bits are widely used, which can be divided into hoses, hard rubber pipes and nylon winding pipes), spiral casings (pipe sections can be divided into two types: conical and rectangular), mud pumps, liquid storage tanks, etc. In the drilling process, it can be used to transport mud (such as mud pump, hydraulic coupling) and other mechanical devices (such as drill pipe, etc.).
High Pressure Cementing Hose

2. Protect the equipment

The hose can protect the equipment and accessories in the mud from damage and prevent contamination. At the same time, it can also play the role of anti-wear and anti-leakage. The mud hose should be firmly installed, safe to use, and not damaged by vibration or shock. In particular, the mud pump should be installed firmly so that the pump body cannot move, so as to protect the pump body and the connecting head and make the pump run more smoothly.

3. Prevent mud backflow or blockage

When using a mud hose, after the equipment is shut down, a pipe sleeve with reliable tightening force must be put on the pipe end or both ends to prevent mud backflow or blockage. Do not expose the high pressure mud hose inside the equipment to avoid damage to the equipment. Regularly clean, inspect and clean pressure vessels. Take care to prevent accidents. Overload operation or overload operation is strictly prohibited. When the pressure is too high or too low, it must be shut down; shut down for inspection, if there is any abnormality, it should be shut down immediately for analysis.

4. Prevent corrosion

The drilling fluid contains a large amount of salts. When the corrosive medium comes into contact with the hose, it will damage it, causing the hose to leak and damage the equipment. Due to the large weight of the hose itself, during work, if it is installed improperly, it will not work properly, resulting in an accident. Therefore, the hose should try to avoid corrosion during work. Generally, there is a protective layer on the surface of the hose. It is easily corroded if there is no protective layer. Therefore, it is necessary to choose high-quality, guaranteed and corrosion-resistant hoses for design and production. During the production process, they must be strictly tested before installation and use. Remember to clean or replace it in time after use, otherwise it will cause great losses to us. Under normal circumstances, high-quality products will be selected for installation and use. High-pressure mud hose has a very wide range of applications in the construction field. As a mud conveying hose, it is mainly composed of 3 connecting heads (heads). The operating pressure is about 40-50 Mpa (generally refers to the working pressure), which can make the hose more flexible. Soft and comfortable, it can be used to transport mud.








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