Size of the rmoured BOP Oil hose

 Depending on the size of the pipeline, the Rmoured BOP Oil Hose may be smaller or larger than standard size. It is a versatile oil hose that can be used to control BOPs, and valves, during drilling operations. It is black in color, and reinforced with high-tensile steel wire. The hose cover is made from flame-resistant fiber glass. You can also purchase the hose in different lengths and pressure ratings.

The Eaton EC556 BOP hose features high performing spiral reinforcement with a durable rubber cover. It can be fitted with Eaton 1W ISC fittings. It is suitable for pressures up 350 bar and temperatures up 100°C. Available in a range of sizes, the EC556 BOP hose is available in -12, -16, and 20-inch diameters. Its flexible rubber cover makes it superior to its steel armored counterparts.

API 16D is a standard for blowout prevention systems and is manufactured with superior components. It is resistant to high pressure and allows BOP control systems that are exposed to extreme fire conditions to continue working. It is ideal for hydraulic applications requiring high pressure. The hose is fire-tested for five minutes at 700degC and has a Type Approval Certificate. Its flame and high temperature resistance make it ideal for a wide variety of applications.


rmoured BOP Oil hose flange

Flameshield5000 is a fire-resistant hydraulic line. It is made up of multiple layers of textile fabric, a rubber layer and stainless steel armor. This fire-resistant hose can withstand pressures of 5000 psi for five minutes. Hydraulic control hoses are also fire-resistant and can be handled in armored. It is ideal for transferring high-pressure media.

API 16D blowout control hoses are designed for blowout prevention systems. The hose is manufactured with superior components to resist pressure and allow BOP control systems to operate in fires. This type of hose has high-pressure resistance and is ideal for high-pressure hydraulic applications. It can withstand flame temperatures up to 1300°F. API 16D flanges are available in different sizes and configurations.


API 16D blowout prevention hydraulic hoses feature stainless steel armour and are standard in API 16D. They can withstand temperatures from -20°F to +121°F. PME Industrial, a Chinese manufacturer of high-pressure oilfield hoses, has several BOP lines. They are exportable to Asia and fire-resistant. They are also heat-insulating.


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