Choosing the Right API 16D BOP Hose for Your Jobsite

 You must consider temperature, high pressure, and flange configuration when choosing the right API 16D hose for your job site. Multiple layers of steel cable, rubber, and flame resistant control lines are all required. Crimped couplings and armor made from stainless steel are also required. If you need additional safety features, a hose with over-ferrule fire protection may be a better choice.

rmoured BOP Oil Hose

API Spec 16D BOP Oil Hose is a versatile hose used to control BOPs and their associated valves during drilling operations. Its tube is black in color with multiple plies of high tensile steel wire reinforcement. The cover is made from flame-resistant fiberglass. The hose can withstand a flame temperature of 1093 degrees F for five minutes.

API 16D BOP control Hoses are designed to meet drilling well requirements and are made from superior components. Their high pressure resistance and temperature resistance make them ideal for blowout prevention systems. They also meet the high-pressure requirements of hydraulic and oilfield equipment. These hoses are fire-resistant and feature heat insulation, a critical characteristic for oilfield hoses. API 16D BOP hoses, which are made by top China-based oilfield high press hose manufacturers, are exported to Asia, Europe and the U.S.



Rmoured API 16D BOOP hoses provide excellent performance for high-pressure drilling fluids. XtraFlow(tm) hoses are designed with compatible fittings and tested in the field to ensure the utmost durability. XtraFlow(tm), hoses can be fitted with a variety fitting termination ends, including ferrule and bevelled to welding.





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