Four-layer steel wire winding pressure range

4SP wire wound high-pressure oil hose is a type high-pressure hose that uses four-layer steel wire winding. This type of hose is still used in certain industries, despite the fact that 4SP wire winding has become an outdated standard. It also meets oil-related industry standards.

 High-pressure steel wire winding hoses are mainly used in oilfield development and mine hydraulic support. They can withstand temperatures up to 125°C and can be pressured up to 5,000 PSI. They are made from a synthetic rubber inner tube with a steel wire braided layer.


This high-pressure hose is made of two layers: the inner rubber layer is subjected to pressure from the conveying medium, and the outer rubber layer serves as a reinforcing material. It can be used for various applications, such as mine hydraulic support and lifting, automotive and agricultural machinery, and injection molding machinery. Compressors and pneumatic tools use high-pressure steel wire-wound hydraulics hoses. They are also used in hydraulic systems for water-based liquids.

Another key feature of this hose is its flexibility. It has a wider bending radius than other types, which can lead to greater ease and convenience in installation. It is also resistant to UV rays which is an important consideration when choosing the right high pressure oil hose.

HPHs are fitted with special fittings. The type of fitting for high-pressure hose varies depending on the country, type of equipment, and other parameters. There are two basic fitting series: universal and interlock. Interlocks are used for braided hoses and CS is used for winding hoses.





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