API 16C Series - Choke and Kill Hose

 API 16 C series is a new generation of kill and choke hose launched by letoneHydraulic Technology in 2017. It is a new product launched by Litong Hydraulic Technology after years of research. A unique design is added to the choke and kill hose: a small pipe head and a small OD fitting make it connected to the pipe frame. This allows you to push the device into pressure faster and maintain pressure control. Does this mean that any desired valve can be installed on your equipment faster?


1. Protect equipment and pipes from corrosion by using patented throttling technology to prevent overheating and overheating.

API 16 C series is protected by a series of patents. Ensure your equipment and piping are not corroded by corrosive liquids by applying internal sealing technology to the outside. At the same time, these structures can also effectively prevent heat leakage. These technologies have multiple protection features such as: no leakage protection, maintenance-free protectors, gasket protection, protection from external liquids, high pressure resistance. To avoid these structures, use corrosion-resistant housings.

2. It is easy to use and can be installed directly to any position of the valve.

At the same time, we used a compact design because it has no space to install and adjust the valve, and no additional accessories to replace it. Installation and adjustment are simpler, and the valve can be easily set and adjusted. This means that it is very easy to install. They are ideal for: sealing water systems; preventing seawater or liquid leakage; preventing rain damage; preventing water vapor leakage; preventing equipment vibration; preventing water intrusion into equipment; preventing chemical leakage; avoiding flammable and corrosive media; preventing chemicals and Corrosive liquid damage; prevent solid or liquid leakage; prevent water or gas diffusion; prevent dust and fumes from entering equipment; prevent objects from breaking and prevent objects from being damaged; prevent objects from being damaged, etc. API 16 C series kill and choke hoses are ideal for a variety of industries requiring simple but quick valve installation: personnel in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, drilling and other industries; machinery manufacturing, energy industries; equipment manufacturers, etc. .

3. Suitable for oil and gas wells.

Choke and kill hoses of the API 16 C series play a vital role in oil and gas wells. It can be used to push into pressure any equipment that needs to be killed into the well. This means you don't need to install plumbing before starting.

4. Reduce the cost and prolong the service life.

This new design reduces production costs for all manufacturers, while extending lead times and reducing inventory costs. It can be easily installed where an external kill pipe section is not required, or on equipment even when killing is required. It offers many cost savings compared to other types of tubing and can reduce additional repair costs due to damage to external kill tubing. It can also make the device last longer. And the cost savings has another benefit: it can help you save money by replacing new fittings without additional maintenance.

5. It can meet various pressure levels and different applications.

The API 16 C series includes two types, two lengths and two types of seals, which can meet various pressure levels and different applications. The largest single diameter of which is 2.5 inches (6 mm) is available. Each hose in this series is 4.4 inches (6.8 mm) long. In addition, two terminals are used in the tube body with a longer diameter. In addition, seals such as gaskets and high-density polyethylene are used.

6. Light weight, light weight and easy to carry.

The API 16 C series is very small and portable enough to fit all your equipment into your backpack. This allows you to easily power all your equipment with maximum power for very little cost. In addition it has a good seal and can withstand most harsh conditions of use. It also prevents damage to equipment during transport by corrosive media or gases.

7. It is suitable for hoses of various sizes, and the pipe rack can be easily used.

This series is suitable for oil, gas and chemical equipment. API 16 C-Series hoses are constructed of high quality materials and optimized with API industrial software to provide superior performance. You can order and use this accessory online. The hose is lined with an antibacterial treatment. You can also purchase special custom products to obtain the desired performance.










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