Braided steel wire air hose

 Braided steel wire air hose is a hose used to convey air and gas, and its main uses include:

1. Industrial application: braided steel wire air pipe is widely used in the gas delivery of various machinery, equipment and tools, such as: air compressors, air drills, grinders, painting equipment, etc.
2. Automobile and motorcycle applications: Braided steel wire air pipes are also commonly used in the pneumatic systems of automobiles and motorcycles, such as braking systems, suspension systems, drive systems, etc.
Its effective parameters and technical indicators are as follows:
1. Material: The inner layer is made of high-pressure and wear-resistant rubber material, the reinforcement layer is multi-strand steel wire braided layer, and the outer layer is made of wear-resistant and weather-resistant rubber material.
2. Working pressure: The working pressure of braided steel wire air pipe is between 20bar and 40bar, which can withstand the pressure of 20-40kgf/cm².
3. Working temperature: The working temperature range of the braided steel wire air duct is between -30°C and +100°C, and it can maintain flexibility in cold climate conditions.
4. Length: The general standard length is 50m, and can also be customized according to customer needs.
Braided steel wire air pipe needs to pay attention to the following matters during use:
1. Connection: In terms of connection, it is necessary to use appropriate joints and clamps, and connect according to the correct method to ensure the tightness and stability of the pipeline.
2. Operation: During operation, it is necessary to maintain the stability of the pipeline and avoid twisting and stretching of the hose to avoid rupture and leakage of the hose.
3. Regular inspection: Regularly check the connection of the hose and the wear of the hose surface, and replace the damaged hose in time to ensure the normal operation and safety of the system.
To sum up, the braided steel wire air hose is a hose with a pressure bearing capacity between 20bar and 40bar. It is suitable for gas delivery in various industrial and transportation fields, but it needs to follow the corresponding operating specifications and precautions when using it. , to ensure the normal operation and security of the system.




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