API16C flexible choke and kill hose

 API16C flexible choke and kill hose is a high-performance hose designed for flexible connection of choke and kill manifolds and other equipment. Its unique design and structure enable it to effectively transport oil and gas mixtures containing hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) and other dangerous gases, as well as various water-based, oil-based, foam kill fluids, etc. in high-pressure environments. The inner layer of this hose is made of HNBR material, which has excellent oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and temperature resistance, thus ensuring the service life and stability of the hose in harsh environments.

API16C flexible choke and kill hose ID types include full flow, which means the hose can handle large flows of fluids without clogging or pressure loss. In order to enhance the strength and durability of the hose, its reinforcement layer uses multi-layer wound high-strength and super-flexible steel wire or steel wire rope. This structure can not only improve the pressure-bearing capacity of the hose, but also ensure its flexibility during use. .
The outer rubber layer of the hose is made of high-temperature-resistant and fire-resistant synthetic rubber. This material can withstand open flames up to +704°C for 30 minutes without being damaged, thus ensuring the stability and safety of the hose in high-temperature environments. . In addition, the outer protective layer of the hose is armored with stainless steel. This structure can further improve the pressure resistance and wear resistance of the hose, allowing it to maintain excellent performance in harsh working environments.
API16C flexible choke and kill hose has a wide operating temperature range and can work between -29℃ to +121℃ (-20℉ to +250℉), which makes it adaptable to various extreme climate conditions. At the same time, the hose complies with API Spec. 16C FSL0 FSL1 FSL2 FSL3 | ABS and other executive standards, ensuring the reliability of its quality and performance.
In terms of joint types, API16C flexible choke and kill hoses are connected with integral unions or integral flanges. This connection method has the advantages of simple structure, firm connection, and good sealing, and can ensure the connection between the hose and the equipment. Connection stability and sealing.
In general, API16C flexible choke and well killing hose is a high-performance, high-reliability hose suitable for oil and gas transportation and well killing operations in various harsh environments. Its unique design and structure, as well as excellent material properties, enable it to maintain stable performance and long life under harsh conditions such as high pressure, high temperature, corrosion, etc. At the same time, the hose complies with international standards and specifications, ensuring the reliability of its quality and performance, and providing a strong guarantee for safe production and efficient operations in the oil and gas industry.



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