Specification For API 7K Oil Drilling Hose


Specification For API 7K Oil Drilling Hose

API 7K hoses make a great choice for deep drilling in oil industry. They meet the highest standards for safety and quality as set by American Petroleum Institute. API has three levels of safety and quality for oil drilling hoses. The lowest level is for abrasion resistance. The highest rating is for pressures greater than 150,000 psi.

API 7K oil drilling hose service life

The API 7K oil drilling hose service life is determined by the temperature ranges the hose is intended to operate in. Hoses should not be operated outside of these ranges, or the hose will degrade. Users should indicate the operating temperature ranges in their purchase agreement.

A hose must be manufactured according to API Spec 7K standards. These standards are applicable to oil and gas drilling. These hoses can handle large quantities of both oil-based and mud-based muds. The hose should have a high FSL, which can reduce the risk of pressure pulsations.

An API 7K oil drilling assembly is an excellent example of an oilfield-friendly hose. Specifically formulated for oilfield environments, the hose assembly features a high-abrasion-resistant tube. Its six high-tensile steel spirals provide superior flexibility and tight bend radius, even at low temperatures. Its Super Tuff cover provides superior protection and meets the most stringent abrasion requirements.

The material used to make API 7K oil drilling line hoses determines their service life. The inner rubber layer is reinforced with spiral steel wires. This helps prevent eddy current and resistance, allowing the hose to last for many years. The API 7K oil drilling pipe is 25% lighter than regular coiled pipes. This allows for flexible handling and reduces shipping and fuel expenses.

API 7K oil drilling hose price

An API 7K oil drilling pipe is designed to withstand pressures exceeding 5000 psi. They are also known as kelly hoses. These hoses are made with a flexible connection and high strength spiral steel wire reinforcement. They are used in a variety of oil drilling applications including onshore and offshore drilling.

An API 7K oil drilling tube consists of an inner tube made from steel wire and an outer rubber layer. It is used in oil fields, oil well cementing, and in smaller drilling machines. This type of hose is also useful for carrying water and other fluids that have a high temperature.



This oil drilling hose is made of high-pressure materials and is able to withstand high pressures. Its high abrasion resistance makes this hose ideal for harsh environments like the oilfield. The hose features six high-tensile spirals made of steel for greater flexibility. This hose meets all abrasion standards. It is also available with two-inch integral fig 1502 hammer unions.




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