Specifications and some basic specifications of high-pressure oil hose

Specification for high pressure oil hose

 High pressure oil hoses are used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and oil and gas. They can work up to 2,800 bar. Their outer diameter is between four and thirteen mm, with an orifice of at least 12.8 mm. They are usually made from four to six layers of high tensile steel wire. Other features include low volumetric expansion, safety factors against burst pressure, and working pressure protection.

MIL-H-83797 is an internationally recognized specification for high pressure oil hoses. This specification describes the performance characteristics, including its resistance against high temperatures and aggressive chemicals. It also specifies that the hose must have a black color and be reinforced with wire and fiber braids. The pressure tested on the hose is two times the recommended operating pressure. The hose should also have a low expansion coefficient to withstand high temperatures and pressure.

A reputable manufacturer will be able offer a wide range of sizes and types of products to meet your requirements. They should also be resistant to weathering and be used with the right nipples or quick connection couplings. It is also important to remember that pressure hoses need to be changed periodically. Pressure hoses generally lose their performance after a certain amount of years. This is why a hose should be marked with the expiration date and a hard mark.

high pressure oil hose manufacture

The specifications of high pressure oil hoses play an important role in the oil & gas industry. These hoses must be durable and can withstand high pressure. This is why they are manufactured with reinforced wires, which make them heavier than other types of hoses. However, these wires do not reduce the pressure rating of the hose. These hoses are suitable for people who work with high pressures.

The specifications of a high-pressure oil hose will vary depending on the model. However, the following requirements apply: A working pressure of upto 550 MPa, a temperature range between -40 and 60 degrees Celsius, and a mixture of steel wire, polyamide, or polyoxymethylene. For the bending performance, a high-quality material should be used. The material used in high pressure oil hoses must be durable and aging resistant.


High pressure steel wire braided hose is an excellent choice for high pressure applications. These hoses are used in oilfield development and mine hydraulic support. They are durable and flexible, and their inner and outer rubber layers are reinforced with steel or textile. These hoses are ideal for high-pressure oil hoses as they can withstand up to 1,000 bar pressure. These hoses are suitable for use on mining equipment, ships, and other similar equipment.

high pressure oil hose length

You can choose from a variety of high pressure oil hoses with different lengths by selecting the smallest diameter. High pressure hoses are used in remote oil filters and oil coolers. They can be used in temperatures as low as -40°F to 312°F. They have a working pressure range of 3000 PSI to 12000 PSI, and a burst pressure range of 12000 PSI. You can choose from a length of 1, 3, or 10 meters or a long roll of 40m.

You can also choose a hose with a large diameter. These hoses are great for use in your vehicle’s engine or transmission. These hoses can be cut to lengths up to 25 feet. High-pressure oil hoses should be long enough for all parts of the engine or transmission. Hoses with a shorter outside diameter will not work properly in cold temperatures and may burst under pressure. A hose with a long length can be damaged by a car and might have to be replaced.




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