Large diameter concrete suction and discharge hose

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the scale of construction projects, the use of large-diameter concrete suction and discharge pipes has gradually received widespread attention. As an important engineering construction auxiliary tool, it plays a key role. This article will elaborate on the use of hoses, hose advantages, and precautions when using hoses.

1. Purpose of hose

Large-diameter concrete suction and discharge pipes are mainly used for concrete transportation and mud discharge operations. It can effectively transport concrete from the mixing station to the construction site, and prevent impurities in the concrete from being mixed during the transport process to ensure construction quality. In addition, the hose can also effectively remove scum and dirt in the concrete, keep the pipeline smooth and improve work efficiency.

2. Advantages of hoses

Compared with traditional steel pipes, large-diameter concrete suction and discharge pipes have many advantages. First of all, the hose is light in weight and easy to carry and install, reducing the labor intensity of workers. Secondly, the hose has a large bending radius and strong adaptability, which can meet the needs of different construction environments. In addition, the hose has a certain degree of elasticity and wear resistance, and can withstand higher working pressure, improving construction efficiency and extending service life.

3. Precautions when using hoses

When using large-diameter concrete suction and discharge pipes, you need to pay attention to the following points. First of all, the operation instructions and relevant standards should be strictly followed to ensure construction safety. Secondly, hoses should be maintained and inspected regularly to keep the hoses in good condition and avoid wear and leakage. In addition, when conveying concrete, the conveying speed should be controlled to avoid problems caused by being too fast or too slow. Finally, the hose should be cleaned promptly after use to remove residual concrete to prevent pipe blockage and agglomeration.
As an important construction aid, large-diameter concrete suction and discharge pipes have a wide range of uses and many advantages. The use of hoses can ensure the quality of concrete transportation and construction efficiency, but it also requires us to pay attention to the precautions during use to ensure the smooth progress of construction.







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