EN854-2TE High Pressure Hose

 EN854-2TE High Pressure Hose is a rubber hose complying with European Standard EN 854-2TE for conveying low pressure liquid and gas. It is mainly suitable for hydraulic system applications, especially for the delivery of hydraulic oil.

The main features and parameters of EN854-2TE high pressure hose are as follows:
1. Material: EN854-2TE high-pressure hose is composed of neoprene inner layer and polyester cloth reinforcement layer, and the outer layer is wear-resistant, weather-resistant and oil-resistant rubber.
2. Working pressure: The working pressure range of EN854-2TE high-pressure hose is 2.5MPa (about 25kgf/cm²) to 4.0MPa (about 40kgf/cm²), with high pressure resistance.
3. Working temperature: The working temperature range of EN854-2TE high pressure hose is usually between -40°C and +100°C.
4. Standard size: The general standard size is from 3/16 inch (4.8mm) to 1 inch (25.4mm), and can also be customized according to customer needs.
EN854-2TE high-pressure hose needs to pay attention to the following items during use:
1. Installation: Excessive twisting, stretching and folding should be avoided during installation to ensure the smoothness and stability of the pipeline.
2. Maintenance: Regularly check the connection of the EN854-2TE high-pressure hose and the wear of the pipe surface, and replace the damaged pipe in time to ensure the normal operation and safety of the system.
3. Operating temperature: Avoid using it outside the operating temperature range of EN854-2TE high-pressure hose, so as not to affect performance and life.
To sum up, EN854-2TE high pressure hose is a kind of rubber hose complying with European standards, which is suitable for the transmission of low pressure liquid and gas, especially for hydraulic systems. When using, you need to follow the corresponding operating specifications and precautions to ensure the normal operation and safety of the system.

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