What You Need to Know About SAE 100R13 Hydraulic Hose

What You Need to Know About SAE 100R13 Hydraulic Hose

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If you're thinking about buying a SAE 100R13 hydraulic hose for your industrial application, it's important to know a few things. This type of hose can withstand very high pressure. This is why it's ideal for applications that use oil, lubricating oils, or fuel. The hose's black ultra-high abrasion compound is impervious to weather and oil.

SAE 100R13 hydraulic hose manufacture

SAE 100R13 hydraulic hoses are used in high-pressure hydraulic applications. They are made from a polyurethane material which provides exceptional flexibility, resistance to kinking and superior memory. They are also resistant to chemical, oil, and oxygen. In addition, SAE 100R13 hydraulic hoses are biodegradable and are compatible with hydraulic fluids that are biodegradable.

Typically, SAE 100R13 hydraulic hoses are reinforced with four layers of spiraled wire arranged in alternating directions. These strands are separated with a thin rubber adhesive. This results in a hydraulic hose with a constant pressure of 575 psi. Hydraulic hoses SAE 100R13 are available in standard and biodegradable materials. Special applications may require abrasion-resistant covers.

High-pressure SAE 100R13 hydraulic hoses are used for hydraulic fluids that are petroleum-based, synthetic, or water-based. They should be used with hydraulic fluids within a temperature range of 140 to 100deg C. They are made up of an inner tube of oil-resistant synthetic rubber, a steel wire reinforcement, and a cover of oil-resistant synthetic rubber.

For medium-pressure applications, textile braided SAE100R5 hydraulic hoses can be a great choice. They can be used to convey air, water, or petroleum-based hydraulic oils. The textile yarns are resistant to oils and mildew and have an oil-resistant synthetic rubber inner tube.

How much SAE 100R13 hydraulic hose 1000 meters

The SAE 100R13 steel wire spiraled hydraulic hose is used mainly in high pressure work conditions. It is made up of three parts, the inner layer, the outer layer, and the cover. These three components combine to give the hose outstanding performance in high pressure working conditions.

SAE 100R13 high-pressure hydraulic hose working pressure

The SAE 100R13 high-pressure hydraulic hose is made to withstand high pressures, high impulses, and high temperatures. It is compatible with hydraulic oils as well as water-based fluids and meets the requirements of EN 856 4SH & 4SP. The hydraulic hose features a reinforced steel wire spiral, as well as an oil- and weather-resistant synthetic rubber covering. It is suitable for use in outdoor applications and is suitable for hydraulic oil and anti-freeze.

SAE 100R14 high pressure hydraulic hose is a multi-layer rubber hose that handles petroleum-based, synthetic, and water-based hydraulic fluids. It can work at temperatures between -54 and 204 degrees Celsius. It is reinforced with steel-wire reinforcement and textile-fiber reinforcement. Its cover is made of an orange or yellow plastic. It has a working pressure of 3,000 psi.

SAE 100R13 high pressure hydraulic tee is available in different sizes. You can choose the one that meets your working pressure. You can also search for the one that conforms to the manufacturer's specifications. The SAE 100R13 is a good example of the high-quality hydraulic hose that can withstand high pressures.

Hydraulic hoses SAE 100R13 meet the requirements for high temperature and pressure. They are widely used in the United States. Other countries accept this standard.


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