Fire-resistant armored hose - a flexible and safe industrial conveying tool

 Hose is an essential part of industrial transportation, and fire-resistant armored hose, as a special hose, has excellent high temperature resistance, wear resistance and pressure resistance, and is widely used in high temperature and high pressure conditions Under the liquid and gas transport. This article will introduce in detail the use of hoses, hose characteristics, hose parameters and specifications, and precautions for use.

First, the main uses of fire-resistant armored hose are diverse. It can be used for oil, gas, water and gas transportation in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding, aviation and other fields, and is one of the essential important equipment in the industry. In a high temperature environment, the fire-resistant armored hose can stably transport various media to ensure the smooth progress of industrial production.
Secondly, fire-resistant armored hose has remarkable features. First of all, the hose is made of special heat-resistant and refractory materials, which can withstand severe impact and flame attack in high-temperature environments and maintain excellent mechanical properties. Secondly, the hose has good wear resistance, and it is not easy to wear and age after long-term use, which can ensure long-term stable delivery effect. In addition, the hose is braided with high-strength steel wire, which has excellent compression resistance and bending performance, and can adapt to the needs of various complex working conditions. At the same time, the inside of the hose is treated with special materials, which is not easy to absorb the medium, does not produce secondary pollution, and ensures the purity and quality of the transported medium.
Regarding the parameters and specifications of the hose, according to different working conditions and usage requirements, there are various specifications for the diameter, pressure and other parameters of the fire-resistant armored hose. Users can choose suitable specifications according to specific needs and medium characteristics to ensure the safety and reliability of the hose. At the same time, users also need to pay attention to the installation and use details of the hose, such as correctly fixing the hose clamp, avoiding excessive bending and excessive stretching of the hose, so as to avoid damage to the hose or use accidents.
As a flexible and safe industrial transportation tool, fire-resistant armored hose not only has excellent high temperature resistance, wear resistance and pressure resistance, but also plays an important role in the transportation of liquids and gases in various fields. By choosing suitable specifications and correct usage methods, users can effectively guarantee the safety and reliability of hoses and ensure the smooth progress of industrial production.

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