The EN853 1SN Hydraulic Hose Standard

 An EN853 1SN hydraulic hose is a good choice if you are looking for hydraulic hoses. These hoses have factory approved fittings and are suitable for use with a variety of equipment. These hoses are also available in a variety colors. More information about EN853 1SN Hoses.

EN853 1SN hydraulic hose manufacture

The EN 853 1SN hydraulic hose has a high tensile steel wire reinforcement. This type of hose can be used to convey various fluids such as water, air, and oil. It is resistant to abrasion and corrosion as well as high pressure. The steel wire reinforcement provides extra strength and resistance against weather and aging. It also features a cloth impression cover for added protection and durability.

This type of hydraulic hose is commonly known as a hydraulic oil hose, high-pressure rubber hose, or steel-wire braided synthetic rubber hose. The hose is made with synthetic rubber and a steel wire braid, and is resistant to oil and water. These hoses are also abrasion and weather resistant.


EN 853 1SN hydraulic hose is a standard for medium-pressure hydraulic applications, including mobile, agricultural, and machine-tool applications. Its outside diameter is 4.8 mm. Its pressure rating for 250 bar is it. EN 853 1SN hoses are available in various sizes and types.

EN853 1SN hydraulic hose price

The EN853 1SN hydraulic Hose is a steel wire reinforced hydraulic hose that is used primarily in high pressure hydraulic systems. It has a high-tensile steel wire braid with a synthetic rubber covering that is weather and ozone resistant. The steel wire reinforcement provides excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion. This hydraulic hose is also made of high-quality synthetic rubber compounds. It is resistant to weather conditions and aging.

The hose is affordable. It is available in full reels. It has a PN-F-P coupling that fits a SERIES 1 coupling. It is also available in a variety of sizes. Check the following specifications to determine the best EN853 1SN hydraulic Hose price for your application.


EN853 1SN hydraulic Hose Standard

The EN853 1SN hydraulic hose standard consists of synthetic rubber and steel wire reinforcements. It is suitable to medium pressure hydraulic systems, and can withstand high pressure and abrasion. Steel wire reinforcements give the hose its high tensile strengths. The synthetic rubber cover protects against weather and abrasion.

The hose is designed to withstand high pressures and a wide variety of fluids. It must have a pressure resistance greater than the working pressure. This is the safety factor. The safety factor is 4:1 for hydraulic applications and 2.5 for special static applications. In low-pressure applications, textile reinforcements made of polyester, rayon, or nylon fabrics are used. Steel wire spirals can be used for high-pressure applications.


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