EN856 4SH High Pressure Oil Hose

EN856 4SH High Pressure Oil Hose

EN856 4SH high pressure oil hose

The EN856 4SH high-pressure oil hosing is a hydraulic hose that can withstand high pressures. It is compatible with W-Series hose fittings and is ideal for applications that use high pressures and high impulses. The 4SH hose is typically used for petroleum-based hydraulic fluids but can also be used to transport water-glycol or compressed air.

Hydraulic hose manufactured to EN856 4sh

EN856 4SH hydraulic hose manufacture offers a high-impulse, high-flexibility hydraulic hose. EN856 4SH hydraulic Hoses are compatible with petroleum-based hydraulic fluids and biodegradable hydraulic oils. They can withstand pressures up to 1,000,000 psi. These hoses are packaged in woven or plastic bags for protection during transport and storage.

EN 856 4SH hydraulic Hoses have high-pressure performance as one of their most important characteristics. These hoses are extremely resistant to weather conditions, abrasion, corrosion and ozone. This hose is ideal for high-pressure environments due to its high tensile strength.

En856 4SH hydraulic Hose is made from oil-resistant synthetic rubber and four layers high-tensile steel wire. The four-layer spiral reinforcement in hose enables flexibility and strength, and is compatible to petroleum-based hydraulic fluids. These hoses can be used for high pressure applications and have a great bend radius.

EN856 4SH hydraulic hose price

The EN 856 4SH hydraulic hose is a synthetic rubber hose with a weather and ozone-resistant cover. It also has four spiral wire reinforcements to improve its shock- and surge-resistance. This hose is widely used for high-pressure hydraulic applications. It can be used with petroleum-based or water-based hydraulic fluids.

When choosing hydraulic hoses, it is important to understand the difference between different types. For instance, some hydraulic rubber hoses are steel wire braided. This means that they are stronger than other hoses and can handle higher pressures. In addition, they can withstand higher temperatures.

EN856 4SH hydraulic Hose Standard

The EN856 4SH hydraulic standard hose is a great choice for many hydraulic applications. It is the industry's most flexible hose and has been tested to 1,000,000 impulse cycles. It is compatible with both petroleum-based and biodegradable hydrocarbon fluids. This hose has high tensile steel wire reinforcement and synthetic rubber covers. It is ideal for use in forklifts, oilfield extraction machinery, and mining and road construction machinery.

This hydraulic hose is available in a variety of colours and materials. It is made of high-quality rubber and has a 300-bar operating pressure. It is also available in pre-cut lengths. It can be used in mining and construction as well as machine building.

This hydraulic hose is suitable for high-pressure hydraulic systems. The inner tube is oil-resistant, while the synthetic rubber cover resists chemicals. It is also abrasion and weather-resistant. It can be used in temperatures between -40 and 100° Celsius. It is suitable for hydraulic systems with high-pressure, tight-routing requirements, and high-temperature environments.


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