Wear-resistant sand blasting hose

 Wear-resistant sand blasting hose is a hose specially used for sand blasting equipment. It has excellent wear resistance and can withstand the impact of high-speed flowing abrasives and particles without being damaged. Here is some important information about abrasion-resistant sandblast hose:

1. Material: Wear-resistant sandblasting hoses are usually made of high-quality rubber materials, such as polyurethane, natural rubber or other special synthetic materials to ensure their wear resistance and durability.
2. Lining: The inner layer of the hose is usually made of wear-resistant rubber or special coating to provide an additional layer of protection, reduce the impact of abrasives on the hose, and extend the life of the hose.
3. Working pressure: Wear-resistant sandblasting hoses usually have high working pressure capabilities to withstand the pressure caused by the flow of high-pressure liquid and particulate matter generated in sandblasting equipment. The working pressure is generally between 10 and 20MPa, but the working pressure can also be customized to suit different needs.
4. High temperature performance: Wear-resistant sand blasting hoses usually have good high temperature tolerance and can maintain their strength and wear resistance in high temperature environments. Generally withstands temperatures ranging from -30°C to 80°C, but can also be customized according to customer needs.
5. Precautions: When using wear-resistant sandblasting hose, you need to pay attention to the following points:
    - Regularly inspect the appearance of the hose, including for cracks, wear, or other damage. If problems are found, the hose should be replaced in time to ensure safe use.
    - When using hoses, avoid excessive twisting or bending of the hose to avoid damaging the hose structure or reducing its wear resistance.
    - The hose connection parts should be tight to ensure there is no leakage, so as not to affect the sandblasting effect.
    - When storing hoses, keep them dry and away from direct sunlight and contact with chemicals to extend the service life of the hose.
Wear-resistant sandblasting hose is an indispensable component of sandblasting equipment. Its excellent wear resistance and high-pressure capability can effectively protect the hose from damage by abrasives and particles, ensuring the smooth progress of sandblasting operations. When using hoses, you need to pay attention to regular inspections, avoiding bends, and keeping them dry to ensure the safety and reliability of the hose.


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