API16c Oil Drilling Hose

API16c Oil Drilling Hose

The API16c is the most popular type on the market for oil drilling hoses. It's a flexible, choke and kill hose. This hose is manufactured using the highest quality components. It is used in drilling applications like mud pumping or hydraulic fracturing.

Specifications for flexible choke and kill hose

Flexible choke and kill hose is a flexible connection used between riser and manifold. It is a component that can be moved around while installing a rig or when a drill platform is moving. The hose is also a good choice for a connection when a semi-submersible drilling vessel moves.

A high pressure flexible Hose should have many properties, including high abrasion resistance and thermal insulation. It also must be able to handle high pressure pressure. One such hose is the Gates oil and gas hose. These hoses can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to 93 degrees C. They are made of black nitrile rubber with stainless steel armor.

While these types of hoses are generally made from stainless steel, they can be made from a variety of materials. They can be made of nitrile, silicone, and black rubber. Typically, the hoses are available in a wide array of sizes and lengths. Safety clamps and hose lift eyes are available as options.

Choke and kill hoses are important pieces of equipment in the oil and gas industry. They are used between the riser and manifold and they are especially beneficial when working in offshore environments. They are resistant to various contaminants like hydrogen sulphide and oil.


Manufacturers of flexible choke and kill hoses

To control fluids from the annulus to choke manifold, a choke and kill hose can be used. These hoses can withstand high pressures such as those used in the oil-and-gas industries. They are made to withstand extreme pressures and the harsh chemical environments that surround them.

On offshore drilling rigs, kill and choke hoses are often installed around the ball joint. They provide relief to the rig which reduces the chance of a blowout. The hose allows heavy drilling fluids to be pumped into a well.

Gates, a global provider of fluid power solutions, has just introduced a new product line for oil and gas well control. It is called the Black Gold 10k Choke and Kill Hose. This hose is for the upstream sector and is available to Gates Black Gold distributors.

The flexible choke and kill hose is manufactured to meet the specifications of the API 16C spec, which is used to guide the delivery and transport of high pressure media. It is also applicable for connection points where the rig moves or the drill platform changes location.

Gates choke and kill hoses are engineered to resist hydrogen sulphide, oil and methane. Truco, a Gates partner, provides the hose to many locations in Africa.

Flexible Choke And Kill Hose price

Flexible choke and kill hose is a part of the blow out preventer (BOP) unit. It is an essential component of the BOP unit. It assists in the transportation and storage of high pressure media. These hoses are used in the oil drilling industry.

They are made from black nitrile rubber. The hose's inner wall is reinforced with stainless-steel armor. This makes it highly resistant to cutting and cutting media. Anti-flame resistance is another feature.

There are three types of hoses. The Kelly Hose is one type. Another is the silicone Hose. Lastly, there are the metal flexible hoses. Each hose comes with a tube or lining that has features such as acid resistance, steel wire spiral, and nitrile rubber.

Choke and kill hoses are manufactured in accordance with the API 16C Spec. They can also be equipped with heat insulation, anti high pressure, and a wearable inner surface. They have many uses.

These hoses are used mainly for drilling and transporting high pressure medium. They can also be used in the offshore oil-and-gas industry. Besides, they are used for relative motion connection.

These hoses have a working pressure of 5 000 to 15 000 PSI. Each hose is issued a pressure test certificate. The temperature range is -20 deg to 93 deg C.

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