High Performance Hose Spec For Mud Applications

High Performance Hose Spec For Mud Applications

high performance <a href='https://hose-platform.com/product/oil-hose/lt301-c.html' _fcksavedurl='https://hose-platform.com/product/oil-hose/lt301-c.html' title='7k hose' target='_blank'>7k hose</a> spec

A high-performance hose specification such as API 7K may be useful if you have a muddy job. These hoses are designed to withstand high pressure mud and have a high level of wear resistance. This article will provide more information about high-performance wire-wound 7K Hoses.

High Pressure Mud API 7K specification

API 7K hoses are designed for the oilfield and are characterized by a high working pressure. These hoses can be used to deliver water, oil, and other high-pressure media. They come in standard, H2S, sour, and other configurations.

MPD operations have learned from previous hose requirements and have improved their designs and construction to make them lighter and easier to handle. To demonstrate their performance, the hoses are also tested in full scale. These tests guarantee that the hose is safe and reliable. They also ensure the highest quality materials and construction.

High pressure wire wound 7K hose price

High performance wire wound Hose is ideal for high pressure transfer of petroleum-based hydraulic fluids. These hoses have four to six plies of spirally wound high-tensile wire reinforcement and layers of synthetic rubber. They are oil-resistant and have a minimum bend radius of half that required by the SAE.

Wear resistant API7K mud hose manufacturer

These mud hoses are wear-resistant and can withstand high pressure. These hoses are flexible and have a high strength spiral steel wire reinforcement. They can also be connected downward. The hoses are also available with fire protection and armor.

An API7K mudhose can be used in both water and oil-based mud applications. The hose's protective fabric breaker fabric makes it stick better to the body plies. The hose comes in lengths from 5 to 90 feet. It can be supplied with male API threaded ends, or other couplings depending upon the application.


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