Acidizing Frac Hose

Acidizing Frac Hose

Acidizing Frac Hose

When selecting the right acidizing frac hose, safety should be the number one concern. The process involves high pressure and various chemicals, which require a hose that can withstand both. This article will cover the features and price of the Super wear-resistant Acid frac Hose. This article will help you choose the right manufacturer to meet your needs.

PTFE Acidizing Frac Hose

PTFE Acidizing Frac Hose, a high-quality hose made from smooth Teflon tubes, is high in quality and provides high mechanical, chemical and abrasion resistance. It is nonstick, food-grade, weather and ozone resistant. PTFE hoses are available with convoluted or smooth bores and a variety of fittings.

These hoses are available in different sizes and materials for different applications. The hose is distinguished by a yellow wear indicator as well as a fabric reinforcement. These hoses are suitable for in-plant and tank truck applications involving diluted industrial chemicals. They should not be used with refined products or petroleum products.

High-pressure hydraulic fracturing trucks need specialized hose assemblies for the transfer of fracturing fluids. Traditionally, high pressure iron pipeline has been used for this purpose. However, these iron products are costly and difficult to assemble and disassemble. Therefore, PME Industrial has developed a new line of frac hoses that are API 7K certified. These hoses are especially designed to handle acidizing fracturing medium and provide ultra-wear and corrosion resistance.

Super wear-resistant acid fracturing hose price

Super wear-resistant acid fracturing is a process whereby a well is fractured using an acid solution. This type of fracturing consists of a series of steps, each of which can be repeated several times. The main components of this process are the coiled tubing, fracturing sleeve, spared pitching sliding sleeve, and circulating valve.

Acid fracturing hoses are highly resistant to wear. They are designed to withstand the pressure and remain flexible under high-pressure conditions. These hoses can withstand a working and burst pressure of up to 20000 psi, ensuring the safety of workers.

Acid fracturing fluids contain 15% hydrochloric acids. However, it is also possible to use acetic or formic acid. However, these two types of acid are more expensive than HCl. Furthermore, you should avoid using hydrofluoric acid in reservoirs with carbonate rocks.

Manufacturer of super-wearable acid fracturing rubber hose

The API 7K series of acidizing fracture hoses is a high quality, wear-resistant, high-quality hose for hydraulic, and sand applications. Its hose tube is impervious to oil and acid fracturing liquid, and its cover is chemical- and weather-resistant. It is also strong and flexible.

The acid-etched fracture conductivity is affected by many factors, including closure stress, temperature, acid injection rate and volume. Gelled acid can significantly increase the length and conductivity of acid-etched fractures. This allows for a four-stage approach to ultra-deep horizontal wells.



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