High-pressure drilling hose

High-pressure drilling hose is a commonly used rubber hose in the drilling industry. It is used to connect high-pressure water pumps and drill bits, and deliver high-pressure water or mud to the drill bit. It also has the characteristics of wear resistance, pressure resistance, and corrosion resistance. The following are the uses, parameters, performance and precautions of high-pressure drilling hoses:
Application of High Pressure Drilling Hose
High-pressure drilling hoses are mainly used for drilling operations in oil and gas exploration, mine exploration, construction engineering, geological exploration and other fields.

High pressure drilling hose parameters:

1. Inner diameter: The inner diameter of the high-pressure drilling hose is usually between 2-6 inches, and the appropriate inner diameter needs to be selected according to the actual use requirements.
2. Working pressure: High-pressure drilling hose needs to withstand high working pressure, generally between 5000-15000psi.
3. Working temperature: High-pressure drilling hose needs to work normally in extreme temperature environment, and the usual working temperature range is -20°C to +121°C.

Performance of high pressure drilling hose:

1. Wear resistance: High-pressure drilling hoses need to have good wear resistance to ensure that the hose is not easy to wear and tear during use.
2. Pressure resistance: High-pressure drilling hose needs to withstand high working pressure, so pressure resistance is one of the important properties of the hose.
3. Corrosion resistance: Since the fluid used in the drilling process may corrode the hose, the high-pressure drilling hose needs to have good corrosion resistance.
1. Before using the high-pressure drilling hose, it is necessary to check whether the surface of the hose is worn or cracked to ensure the safety and life of the hose.
2. Select the appropriate inner diameter and material of the hose to meet the actual use requirements.
3. When connecting the high-pressure drilling hose, it is necessary to use professional joints and connection methods to ensure the safety of the hose.
In a word, high-pressure drilling hose is an indispensable and important component in the drilling industry, and its quality and performance are directly related to the safety and efficiency of drilling work. Therefore, when purchasing and using high-pressure drilling hose, special attention should be paid to its parameters, performance and precautions.








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