DN08 hydraulic hose assembly

 DN8 hydraulic hose assembly is a type of hydraulic hose that has a nominal diameter of 8mm. It typically consists of an inner tube, reinforcement layer, and outer cover, all of which are designed to withstand high-pressure hydraulic applications.

The inner tube is made of synthetic rubber or thermoplastic material that can handle the specific type of fluid being conveyed. The reinforcement layer is made of one or more layers of braided or spiral-wound wire that provides strength and stability to the hose. The outer cover is made of synthetic rubber or thermoplastic material that protects the inner layers from external damage.
DN8 hydraulic hose assemblies are widely used in various applications ranging from heavy machinery, construction equipment, industrial machines, and more. They have a maximum operating pressure of around 400 bar and a minimum bend radius of approximately 50 mm.
When selecting a DN8 hydraulic hose assembly, it is important to consider several factors such as the type of fluid being conveyed, the temperature range, and the working pressure. Proper selection and installation of the hose assembly is critical for ensuring safe and efficient operation of hydraulic systems.
In addition, regular inspection and maintenance of DN8 hydraulic hose assemblies are necessary to ensure their continued reliability and safety. Regular inspections should include checking for any signs of wear, abrasion, or damage to the hose assembly, including fittings and couplings.
Overall, DN8 hydraulic hose assemblies are an essential component of hydraulic systems, providing reliable and efficient fluid transfer under high-pressure conditions. Proper selection, installation, and maintenance are crucial to ensure safe and efficient operation in a variety of industrial applications.


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