Brake Tube - SAE J1402

brake tube sae j1402

Brake Tube - SAE J1402

You've found the right place if you are looking for brake hose to fit your car. Below are the specifications and pricing for brake hoses from various manufacturers. It will be easier to choose the right hose for you vehicle if you know which manufacturer you should choose.

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If you're looking for a DOT air brake hose, you've come to the right place. DOT air brake hoses are designed to comply with FMVSS-106 standards for brake assemblies. However, New-Line doesn't stock hydraulic brake lines for passenger vehicles.

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The Sae J1402 brake hose is an automotive hose with an I.D. The hose has a diameter of 1/2 inches and a pressure rating at 145 psi. This hose is ideal to use for power brake vacuum applications. It is available in black and has an I.D. of 1/2 inch and is manufactured by Continental Belts and Hoses.

It is manufactured from a polymer called elastomer and suitable fittings. It is used in automotive air brake systems and is compatible with oil-based and phosphate-ester-based hydraulic fluids. It is not suitable for use in temperatures above -40 degrees Celsius.

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The brake hose specification for SAE J1402, or SAE J1402 for short, defines the type of hose for air-brake systems used in vehicles. This specification describes the material and thickness of the hose, as well as its length and diameter. Examples of typical applications are vehicle air-brake systems that have flexible connections and unshielded lines. The material has to withstand a range of temperatures from -40 to +100 degrees Celsius.

FMVSS-106 must be adhered to by brake hose assemblies for passenger cars. To meet this standard, manufacturers must register with DOT and ensure that the assembly meets FMVSS-106. This section contains a growing number of DOT air brake lines. New-Line currently does not stock hydraulic brake lines to passenger cars.

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