Nylon resin 150 psi air compressor hose

 1. Product Overview

Nylon resin 150 psi air compressor hose is a high quality pipe designed for industrial use. The hose is made of nylon resin and has excellent pressure resistance and lightweight characteristics. Its working pressure is 150 psi, suitable for piping connections of various air compressors. This kind of hose is widely used in gas cylinder pressure transmission, air supply for pneumatic tools, and connection of various industrial pneumatic equipment.

2. Product features

1. High pressure resistance: Nylon resin 150 psi air compressor hose has excellent pressure resistance and can work stably for a long time under a pressure of 150 psi. This kind of hose can withstand high pressure and ensure the stability and safety of gas transportation.
2. Lightweight design: Compared with traditional metal pipes, nylon resin hoses are lighter and easier to install and use. The lightweight design can reduce the burden on the equipment and improve the convenience of operation.
3. Good corrosion resistance: Nylon resin has good corrosion resistance and can effectively resist the erosion of moisture and chemical substances in the air. This helps extend the life of the hose and maintains the consistency of its performance.
4. Good flexibility: Compared with metal pipes, nylon resin hoses are more flexible and easy to bend and twist. This allows the hose to better adapt to various complex pipeline layouts and reduce installation difficulty when connecting different equipment.
5. Quick connection: The hose adopts a quick connection design for easy installation and removal. Quick connect fittings can simplify the pipe connection process and improve work efficiency.

3. Application scope

Nylon resin 150 psi air compressor hose is widely used in the following areas:
1. Gas cylinder pressure delivery system: used to transport gas from gas cylinders to various equipment and tools, such as respirators, spray guns, etc.
2. Gas supply for pneumatic tools: Provide a stable gas supply for pneumatic tools, such as air drills, air saws, air rivet guns, etc.
3. Industrial pneumatic equipment connection: connect and transmit gas to various industrial pneumatic equipment, such as automated production lines, packaging machinery, etc.

4. Installation and maintenance

1. Installation: When installing nylon resin 150 psi air compressor hose, please ensure that the hose is not twisted, excessively bent, or mechanically damaged. Try to keep your pipe layout simple and avoid excessive bends and corners. Use quick connectors as specified to connect hoses to air sources and equipment. During installation, follow the guidelines and precautions provided by the manufacturer.
2. Maintenance: Regularly check the integrity of the hose to ensure there are no cracks, wear or deformation. If any signs of damage or aging are found, they should be replaced in time. Keep the hose clean to prevent debris and dirt from entering the inside of the pipe. During use, pay attention to check the purity of the gas to prevent impurities or moisture from entering the pipeline system. Perform proper maintenance and care as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure hose reliability and durability.












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