The difference between high-pressure tubing en856-4sh and en856-4sp

 EN856 is a standard developed by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) that sets the requirements for high-pressure hoses used in hydraulic systems. EN856-4SH and EN856-4SP are two types of high-pressure hoses that meet this standard. While they have some similarities, they also have notable differences in their construction and performance capabilities.

Both EN856-4SH and EN856-4SP hoses have a four-layer construction. The innermost layer is made of synthetic rubber, which provides a smooth surface for fluid flow. The second layer is a steel wire braid or spiral that provides reinforcement and helps to maintain the shape of the hose under pressure. The third layer is another layer of synthetic rubber, which covers the reinforcement and protects it from external damage. The fourth layer is a synthetic rubber cover that provides additional protection against abrasion, ozone, and weathering.
The main difference between EN856-4SH and EN856-4SP lies in the configuration of the steel wire reinforcement. In EN856-4SH, the steel wire reinforcement is arranged in a four-spiral pattern, while in EN856-4SP, it is arranged in a four-wire braid pattern. This difference in reinforcement configuration results in differences in the hoses' flexibility, pressure ratings, and bend radius.
EN856-4SH and EN856-4SP hoses are both designed to handle high-pressure applications in hydraulic systems. However, their specific performance characteristics may differ due to their different reinforcement configurations.
EN856-4SH hoses generally have a higher pressure rating than EN856-4SP hoses. According to the standard, EN856-4SH hoses can withstand working pressures of up to 420 bar (6,090 psi), while EN856-4SP hoses can withstand working pressures of up to 380 bar (5,510 psi). The higher pressure rating of EN856-4SH hoses makes them suitable for more demanding applications and environments.
EN856-4SP hoses, on the other hand, are generally more flexible than EN856-4SH hoses.






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