Acid Frac Hose

Acid Frac Hose

Acid Frac Hose

An Acid Frac Hose is a hose used in oil and natural gas extraction. It is used to pump the fluid from a well to the surface. It can be used in compressors and wells, and comes in many sizes.

Acid Frac Hose specifications

Specialized frac hose assemblies are used during hydraulic fracturing to transfer fracturing fluids. The API 7K series of flexible hoses is rated for applications up 35% aromatics. These hoses are also weather resistant and are suitable for sand fracturing and acid fracturing.

The API 7K series of hoses has four main models. The Series 2285 is a flexible hydraulic hose that is designed for use with dilute hydrochloric acid solutions. The Series 2280 is a flexible hydraulic hose that is suitable for use with petroleum waste, sludge, and sediments. The Series 2290 is suitable for hot oil and petroleum-based materials. It can also be used for tank car discharge. The Series 2295 is a highly flexible hose with a wire braid reinforcement that provides 2250 PSI working pressure. The Series 2295 also has a highly abrasion-resistant cover.

Unisource manufactures the API 7K series frac hoses. Unisource offers five different specifications for frac hoses. The T601AA is a 150 PSI Oil Rigger Hose. The T601AA is also designed for use with crude oil, frac solutions, and crude oil vacuum tank service. The T601AA is also a flexible, lightweight hydraulic hose. The T601AA is also rated for applications up to 35% aromatics.

Acid Frac Hose manufacture

A mixture of chemicals and water is pumped into a formation during fracking to break down rock and open pores. This is done to allow gas flow. Specialized frac hose assemblies can be used to facilitate this process. In addition to being heavy duty, these hoses can be designed for different applications and fluid types. The most popular hoses are the frac tank and oil field vacuum hose.

Fracking hose can be used to transfer fracturing fluids and vacuum tank services. The manufacturer recommends that the hose be tested and rated before it can be used in service.

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