Steel wire braided mining hose

 hose connection between wire braided mining hose couplings. Mainly used for mine hoseline connection, hose connection, chemical hoseline connection, fire hoseline connection, etc. Installed in the underground horizontal underground workplace, it is an ideal choice for dustproof and drainage work in the mine. The main function of connecting the steel belt mining hose and the rubber hose is to place the hose in the sealing device, bear the pressure and produce elastic deformation, which reduces the volume of the hose joint, reduces the installation cost, is easy to install, and has a long service life. Etc.


1. Compared with the hose joint, the steel belt mining hose joint sealing device has the advantages of small size and light weight

When installing, the steel belt should be inserted into the hose from one end along the surface of the hose, while the steel belt should be inserted into the hose from the other end, and one end of the hose is fixed by a tension mechanism. The two are connected by pressure to complete the sealing of the joint and the seal. Because there must be enough friction between the steel belt and the rubber to ensure the sealing performance of the joint, the diameter of the rubber hose is generally larger. It is light in weight and saves transportation costs. 1. The hose can be made into two specifications, the lengths of which are DN10 and DN80 respectively. 2. The hose can be made into three specifications, and the lengths are DN50 and DN80 respectively. All three sizes are available with hoses as required. Steel strips can be processed into various shapes and specifications including various lengths.

2. The steel belt mining hose joint is easy to install, easy to clean, has good sealing performance, and has no shortcomings such as mechanical damage to the inner wall

Due to the only metal material in the steel belt mining hose, it has high wear resistance, fatigue resistance and fatigue resistance, and the service life is generally longer than 15 years. In addition, there is no inner wall friction problem that exists in any metal hose within the same length of hose. There are no seams and burrs on the inner surface of the steel belt mining hose, which ensures smooth inner and outer walls of the hose; the outer surface of the steel belt hose joint is generally made of fluorine rubber, which has good corrosion resistance, especially when the steel belt hose is in contact with liquid. No oxidative decomposition or ozone radiation will occur. This structural feature can improve the service life of the product when the medium temperature is 70~90℃ and the pressure is 3~3.5MPa.

3. The tensile strength of the steel belt mining hose joint after connection is relatively large.

The tensile resistance of this joint is related to its sealing performance. The higher the tensile strength, the greater the load during transportation. The sealing performance is good, and it has strong safety guarantee for transport personnel and underground operators. The service life is long, generally 1~3 years, and the installation cost is low, generally 1/2~1/3 of the hoseline cost. Easy installation and disassembly, long installation life and relatively low installation cost.

4. Long service life, suitable for working in harsh environments.

Mining hose has high heat resistance, high and low temperature resistance and impact resistance. And it adopts the design of sealing structure to prevent the occurrence of leakage and leakage. The service life can reach more than 15 years. And it has good weather resistance and is suitable for working in various harsh environments.





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