Petroleum drilling hose

How to choose Petroleum drilling hose 

There are many types of Petroleum Drilling Hoses. A high-quality synthetic rubber tube is the hose's main component. It is reinforced with spiraled steel wires to increase its strength and ensure maximum pressure handling. The high-quality synthetic rubber cover provides flexibility, protection from sunlight, aging, and abrasion resistance. The hose is rated for five different pressures, ranging from 10 to 15,000 psi.

The petroleum drilling hose has a number of applications, including directing fluid to oil wells in the sea. This flexible hose can connect the top of a drill riser to a swivel. It can move vertically, resists corrosion by hydrogen sulfuride, and is flexible enough for flexible connection between a drill bits and a rotary machine. In addition to drilling wells, it can also be used to dampen the vibration of rotary plants.
Letone's petroleum drilling hoses are designed for a wide range of applications. From production to refining, delivery to filtration, Jason industrial's petroleum drilling hoses have you covered. One of their DREAMFLEX(tm) 4426 Series hoses is an incredibly flexible hose for petroleum products with a 50 percent aromatic content. The DREAMFLEX(tm) 4426 series is constructed of a smooth, black nitrile tube, a flat corrugated nitrile cover, and synthetic textile reinforcement. The DREAMFLEX(tm) 4426 is available in sizes from 3/4" ID to 6" ID.


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