SAE 100R13 four-layer steel wire wound hydraulic pipe

 SAE 100R13 four-layer steel wire wound hydraulic pipe is a high-performance hydraulic pipe designed for high-pressure, high-temperature liquid transmission. It adopts a four-layer structure, and the inner rubber layer, reinforcement layer and outer rubber layer are carefully designed and selected to ensure excellent performance in various harsh environments.

The inner tube is a critical part of the hydraulic pipe, which is in direct contact with the transmitted fluid. The inner rubber layer of SAE 100R13 hydraulic pipe is made of a layer of heat-resistant oil synthetic rubber. This material can maintain stability at high temperatures and prevent liquid from eroding and damaging the inner rubber layer. At the same time, it also has good elasticity and oil resistance, which can ensure that the liquid will not leak during transmission.
The reinforcement layer is the skeleton of the hydraulic pipe and is responsible for withstanding the pressure of the liquid and the pressure of the external environment. SAE 100R13 hydraulic pipe uses multiple layers of high-strength steel wire winding layers as the reinforcement layer. This structure not only provides extremely high strength, but also can resist the impact and vibration of the liquid. The design of the steel wire winding layer also takes into account the bending performance of the pipe, making the hydraulic pipe more flexible during installation and use.
The outer rubber layer is the protective layer of the hydraulic pipe, which mainly plays the role of wear resistance, oil resistance and weather resistance. The outer rubber layer of SAE 100R13 hydraulic pipe is made of oil-resistant, weather-resistant synthetic rubber and wear-resistant rubber. These materials have good anti-aging properties and weather resistance, and can protect the pipeline from the impact of the external environment. At the same time, the wear resistance of the outer rubber layer can also extend the service life of the hydraulic pipe.
SAE 100R13 hydraulic pipe undergoes strict quality control and has stable product quality and reliable performance. It complies with international standards and can be perfectly matched with other standard hydraulic components to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the entire hydraulic system. In addition to the features mentioned above, SAE 100R13 hydraulic pipe also complies with the SAE100R13 standard and the GB/T10544-2013 standard, which have strict requirements on the performance and quality of hydraulic pipes. Complying with these standards means that hydraulic pipes have been rigorously inspected and tested during design and production to ensure they perform well in a variety of applications.
In general, SAE 100R13 four-layer steel wire wound hydraulic pipe is a high-performance, high-reliability hydraulic pipe that is suitable for various scenarios that require the transmission of high-pressure and high-temperature liquids. Its four-layer construction, a heat-resistant oil-resistant synthetic rubber inner layer, multiple layers of high-strength steel wire-wound reinforcements, and an oil- and weather-resistant synthetic rubber outer layer enable it to maintain excellent performance in harsh environments. At the same time, compliance with SAE100R13 standards and GB/T10544-2013 standards also ensures its quality and reliability. Whether it is industrial equipment, hydraulic systems or other areas that require efficient and stable liquid transmission, SAE 100R13 hydraulic pipe is a trustworthy choice.




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