Dry Material Delivery Hose

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Dry Material Delivery Hose

Whether it's dry cement delivery hose, low pressure grain delivery hose or animal feed delivery hose, these abrasion-resistant material conveying hoses are the ideal solution for transferring bulk material such as cement, sand gravel and other dry powders.

This hose has a static dissipating tub that resists cutting, abrasion, as well as a weather- and abrasion-resistant cover. A helix wire reduces kinking at sharp bends.

Supplier of abrasion-resistant material for conveying hoses

Designed for conveying dry cement, lime, silica or other abrasive materials, this hose is a static dissipating tube and cover that withstands -40 degrees F to +180 degrees F. It is kink resistant and flexible to reduce operator fatigue.

This heavy-duty polyurethane lined material handling liner is ideal for dry applications where severe wear is possible. It provides a longer hose lifespan and lower operating costs than similar rubber or PVC lines. The hose liner is coated with an anti-static material to prevent static electricity buildup.

This abrasion-resistant hose can transfer concrete, plaster, grout and sand. It can also be used with self-leveling flooring compounds. It has a compact fabric insert which ensures a stable section and is kink-resistant.

Manufacturer and distributor of standard & customized cement conveying & concrete placing hose, including gunite-hose & cement discharge. Pure gum tubing is available with a variety of features and IDs up to 1-1/4 inches. to 3 in., ODs of 2-1/6 in. to 4 in. & working pressures up to 150 lbs. The tube is made of pure gum rubber and reinforced with high-tensile cord/static cable. The cover is abrasion, weather & ozone resistant. Stock items include auger arc piling, wire, gunite tan & textile plaster, grout & concrete hoses.

Dry Material Delivery Hose price

Dry Material Delivery Hoses are hoses that can discharge dry powders under low pressure. Cement, grains, and animal feed transfer are all common applications. The hose is designed for meeting abrasion testing to DIN 53516 and has a wrap finish that provides ozone and weather resistance. It is reinforced with high strength cord, and features a black conductive smooth SBR rubber abrasion-resistant tube.

The hose is available in 4 and 5 inch inside diameters and can be assembled with hose couplings. Roll lengths of up to 100 feet are available.

These bulk material-handling hoses have a polyurethane tube and a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) cover that provide good oil resistance. They are used to transfer bulk dry or abrasive materials such as glass, metals and plastic pellets, fertilizers and rock salts, as well as slurries. A static-dissipating wire is also included to dissipate static charge from the hose and prevent sparks from igniting dry material inside.

These hoses can also be used to pump fresh and produced water. They are made with a 70% nitrile rubber and 30% PVC mixture that provides good chemical resistance. The hoses are manufactured with NSF standard 61 approval for use with potable water. They often include sanitary fittings, cam and groove, and flange.

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